How to Draw a House Step by Step for Kids – House Coloring Pages

Let’s learn how to draw a house step by step for kids. Here is an easy house coloring tutorial for children.

Children love drawing, especially common objects. Learning how to draw increases the imagination of kids as well as their motoric skills and eye-hand coordination. Drawing using simple shapes is an easy start. Kiddopedia team is bringing you this video to learn how to draw a simple house step by step easily by using simple shapes such as circles, rectangles, triangles, and lines. The speed of this easy house drawing video for kids is adjusted for ideal learning. Our cute unicorn character is going to explain each simple step to finish the drawing and coloring of our house in a garden. The video is accompanied by relaxing music to make the learning even more fun.

House Coloring Page Download

Download the free house coloring page here → FREE HOUSE COLORING PAGE DOWNLOAD

How to Draw a House – Instructions

free house coloring page
House coloring page.
  1. We begin with the house front. Let’s draw a large square. If you want, you can draw a large rectangle instead. Slowly, draw the straight lines of the square. You can make it as tall as you want. I would recommend to draw it the size of your hand.
  2. Let’s put a roof on top of our house. We are going to draw a triangle. Three lines make a triangle.
  3. Our house needs a door. Let’s draw a rectangle here in the middle. Draw a small circle to the right of the door.  This is the doorknob to open the door.
  4. Our house has no light. It needs windows. Let’s draw a square here. And another square here.  Can you draw the “plus” sign? Let’s draw a plus on the left window to make it look nicer. Draw one more plus for the window on the right.
  5. Next, we’re going to complete our house by drawing a chimney. Simply start drawing a line from the right side of the roof. Draw three lines to make a chimney. Include the smoke coming out of the chimney. That’s it. We have completed drawing our house